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In addition to full assistance to the assisted and companion, the Associação Presente promotes free care to the patient who faces cancer in an advanced stage. The care, usually at home, is called Palliative Care and is offered totally free of charge.

Priscila Miranda, a medical oncologist at the institution, is accompanied weekly by a nursing team and medical residents, visiting nursing homes for people seeking help at the Present Association when they report that the cancer disease has compromised the patient's quality of life.

Thus, the need arose for the construction of the Center for Palliative Care Jesuína Rosa de Jesus, of the Present Association. The CCP, which is expected to start being built in February 2018, will be a space for end-of-life care to provide dignity and ease the pain of patients and their families.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Palliative Care offers comprehensive assistance to patients and families in the face of a serious illness that threatens the continuity of life, through the prevention and relief of human suffering, treating pain and other physical problems, psychosocial and spiritual.

The Present Association recognizes the importance of palliative care as essential for the dignity of the human being. Thinking of offering these services to needy patients facing cancer, the institution launches the construction project of the Center for Palliative Care.


• Total investment forecast: R$ 2.300.000,00;

• Prediction for the execution of the work: 18 months;

• Number of places: 10 beds;

• Estimated service: 3.600 beneficiaries per year;

• Direct beneficiaries: patients lacking advanced cancer attended by the Present Association, referred by the health centers / units / hospitals of the region and also of spontaneous demand.

Principles of the Palliative Care Center

1. Respect the dignity and autonomy of patients;

2. Honoring the patient's right to choose treatment;

3. Communicate clearly and carefully with the patient, family and caregivers;

4. Identify the main objectives of health care from the point of view of the patient;

5. Provide impeccable control of pain and other symptoms of physical distress;

6. Recognize, evaluate, discuss and offer access to services for psychological, social and spiritual care;

7. Provide access to end-of-life therapeutic support through improved quality of life perceived by the patient, family, and caregivers;

8. Organize and promote the continuity of the care offered to the patient and his / her family in the hospital, office, home or other institution;

9. Maintain an attitude of educational support to all those involved in direct patient care;

10. Celebrate life intensely until death comes.

Who was Jesuína Rosa Silva?

Even with a diagnosis of advanced cancer, already undergoing several treatment lines, is it possible to believe in dreams and the sharing of love? Whoever lived with Jesuina Rosa Silva would certainly affirm that yes. Jesuina Rosa, 22, from Serranópolis de Minas, faced cancer of the ovary between 2014 and 2017. A native of Serranópolis de Minas, the young woman was assisted in these 3 years by the Associação Presente.

During the last months of her life, Jesuina received excellent palliative care at the headquarters of the Present Association. She told that she felt at home and that she was introduced to love in the years that was received by the Present Association, showing a lot of willpower to live every second to the maximum. The story of the young woman touched several people, who after watching a news story displayed by local television, decided to help her to know the sea.

In December 2016, Jesuína was presented with tickets and lodging for Cabo Frio, Arraial do Cabo and Rio de Janeiro, accompanied by a professional from the Present Association. The first contact with the sea, on the 13th, was in Praia do Forte, one of the most beautiful in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Jesuína could not hide the emotion and joked much in the sea. The young lady made walks through the main sights of the region.

After so many struggles and dreams, Jesuína was able to go against the sea, but went to meet the Father two months later, on March 31, 2017. The present Association honors, therefore, one of the assistants of the institution that received from the diagnosis of cancer to the last breath of life, the best possible end-of-life quality.